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Like many trainers, my journey started with a dog that I did not understand. At the time I was given lots of advice, some good and some bad. Wanting to do the best that I could for my dog I started studying canine behaviour and have now gained several qualifications. Animal training is every changing and I pride myself on always continuing to develop my own knowledge 

Having worked in an animal shelter for nearly 10 years, more than anything else the animal's welfare is always my priority. I am what is called in the industry a 'force free' trainer. This means the techniques I will recommend are not based on pain or intimidation. There are many different ways to train a dog, but I don't believe pain and fear are tools I need in my tool kit. 


A.B.C.D.O.G is committed to working with dogs and their families to rebuild fractured connections and help create attentive behaved and confident dogs. I use modern, positive and easy to learn techniques which you and your dog will enjoy.  


I'm looking forward to meeting you and your dog soon!

Jess (Founder and Trainer) 


Qualifications and Experience:

Cert II, III & IV in Companion Animal Services

Member of the Delta Institute (Certified Professional Dog Trainer)

ACT Government Approved Assistance Dog Assessor and Trainer

Greenhound Assessor Qualified 

MindDog Assessor

Cert III in Captive Animal Management

Flyball Instructor

Agility Instructor 

RSPCA Behavioural Trainer

Higher Diploma in Advanced Animal Behaviour  

Diploma in Canine Aggression

Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia  

Member Of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia 

Member of the International Association Of Animal Behaviour Consultants 




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